Teaching English in Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy

Brazil’s appetite for English learning boomed along with its economy in the first decade of the 21st century, with Latin America’s largest and most populous country offering up plenty of options for prospective ESL teachers.

From Rio with its kilometers of beaches to the cooler climbs of Curitiba, there are plenty of cities in Brazil for ex-pats and English teachers to call home.

We aim to regularly post the latest ESL and teaching jobs in Brazil here Inter-Prof, though here at our blog we’ll be collating some of the most useful sources on finding English teaching jobs in Latin America’s largest economy.

Brazil offers a wide variety of locations for English teachers to work in. Photo by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash

ESL Base has compiled a wide array of tips and tricks from numerous teachers in Brazil, who between them offer advice on finding jobs and living in the country.

There’s also useful information on visas, regulations and different job types, though one of the key takeaways: perseverance is key.

Local site Brazilian Gringo also has a well laid out article on teaching English in Brazil, going into plenty of depth on numerous key topics. The article covers the necessary qualifications, visas and even the best cities in which to look for ESL work.

Bridge TEFL also has a well put together guide on teaching in Brazil, including a country guide and plenty of information on salaries, schedules and typical benefits for ESL teachers.

And don’t forget the country’s largest English Language newspaper the Rio Times, which has numerous articles on ESL teaching in Brazil in addition to more general news, guides on the best neighborhoods, cities, and nightlife (though a subscription is required).

As Latin America’s largest economy, there are plenty of options for English teachers looking to work in Brazil. Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

Teaching English in Rio de Janeiro

Also at Brazilian Gringo, guest contributor Zack goes into great detail into how he found success teaching English in la Ciudad Maravillosa. While he admits that at times it wasn’t easy, he goes on to note that “with determination and a smile on your face anything is possible.”

Teaching English in Sao Paolo

Another Brazilian Gringo article covers ESL teaching in Brazil’s most populous city, Sao Paolo. Taking the form of an interview with a teacher who lives and works in the city, the article contains tons of useful information on moving to the city and how to get up and running quickly.

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