Teaching English in Colombia, the continent’s rising star

With Colombia’s forward push into the future has come a prosperous economy and an appetite for learning English. The major TV channels advertise English classes, courses and lessons day and night, while the government has pushed for more English to be taught in schools.

At Inter-Prof we regularly post ESL teaching vacancies in Colombia, where a booming market combined with increased tourism means a solid turnover. Here at the Inter-Prof blog, we’ve collated several helpful guides from around the web with useful information on finding teaching jobs in one of Latin America’s most dynamic economies.

With it’s milder climate, Bogota is a popular English teaching destination in Colombia. Photo by Daniel Vargas on Unsplash

ESL Authority has one of the best guides to teaching English in Colombia, covering everything from qualifications, work permits, types of schools and perks.

If you don’t have time to read it all, there are also videos from teachers who have lived and worked in Colombia and even a breakdown of common living expenses in the country.

Go Overseas also has a lot of useful information on ESL teaching in Colombia, providing info on job types, finding jobs and local salaries. They also have volunteer programs and appropriate TEFL qualifications.

English Teachers in Colombia can explore one of the world’s most biologically diverse countries. Photo by Darren Lawrence on Unsplash

Teaching English in Medellin

One of Colombia’s most energetic cities, Medellin’s combination of temperate weather and friendly people draws ex-pats from all over the world.

Over at Medellin Buzz, ESL teacher Andrew Macia outlines some of his experiences teaching English in the city, highlighting his schedule, classes, students and even some of the local schools.

Teaching English in Bogota

Bogota Business English has some useful information on finding an ESL job in Colombia’s thriving capital city, including on finding work at companies, as opposed to schools.

Teaching English in Cali

Teach English Abroad has a great question and answer piece with a US national ESL teaching in Cali. Kaitlin Sherman goes over how she found a job in the city near the country’s western coastline, along with breakdowns of her living expenses and advice for prospective English teachers.

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Cartagena is another favorite among ex-pats living and ESL teaching in Colombia

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