Teaching English in Latin America, the emergent ESL destination

Teaching abroad can be a rewarding experience and with many Latin American countries on the up, many teachers are now looking away from the more traditional ESL hubs around Asia.

With a dizzying array of vibrant cultures and with booming economies full of people looking to improve their English level, Latin America presents no shortage of options, but finding teaching jobs can be a challenge.

At Inter-Prof, we aim to streamline that process, creating a one-stop-shop for finding jobs posted around the continent and beyond. After a free registration, prospective teachers of any kind can create searchable profiles, upload resumes set up notifications, taking the hassle out of checking multiple, disparate and outdated job forums each day. Here at our blog, prospective teachers can also find collated information and useful links written by experienced teachers who have lived and worked around Latin America.

Teach English in Latin America and go hiking near Rio de Janeiro. Brazil Photo by EA from Pexels

At Go Over Seas, travel journalist and former teacher Steph Dyson lays out a great guide for finding teaching jobs in Latin America, including information on visas for Ecuador, Brazil, and Mexico. There’s also tons of great info on hiring seasons, possible salaries and much more.

Global U has a good rundown of the nine best English teaching destinations in Latin America, with guidelines on salaries, teaching requirements, qualifications, and some benefits. According to Global U, Peru tops the list of English teaching destinations, with Guatemala in second position and Colombia rounding out the top three.

Teach English Abroad has some more granular detail on teaching English in Latin America, with a country selector and specific information on qualifications, class size and teaching roles. They also offer TEFL courses and internships.

Maximo Nivel lays out the top five reasons for teaching English in Latin America, citing the booming job market, low start-up costs, and the colorful culture.

In addition to offering TEFL certification, the Language Corps has loads of useful info on teaching in numerous countries around Latin America. Select the country you’re interested in teaching and find info on typical teaching hours, local culture, hiring processes, cost of living and more.

The blog takes a different approach, breaking down English teaching demand across different Latin American cities. Their top ESL teaching destinations include the Argentinian capital, Buenas Aires, the “gem of Latin America” Santiago, and Colombia’s Bogotá, which according to TEFL Course, is the “rising star of Latin America.”

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English teaching in Latine America is a great way to see places like Salento in Colombia. Photo by Christian Rodriguez from Pexels

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